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Use the Infiscript Physicians Email List to get the most leads possible from your multi-channel marketing campaigns. To boost sales conversions and ROI, strengthen company communications with specific prospects.

The team of industry specialists at Infiscript Physician Email List provides a vital source of trustworthy data. South America, Asia, Australia, and the United States and the United Kingdom are all included in the database’s worldwide coverage. Enable the greatest number of doctors worldwide who require your medical goods to provide high-quality care to have access to them.

Middle East 11,435
Africa 8,435
South America 13,435

The Physician Email List Includes:

  • 1 Physician name, 2 Physician and practice field, 3 Health system and hospital membership
  • 4 DEA and UPIN, 5 Physician prescribed data, 6 Insurance plans accepted
  • 7 State License number, 8 Phone and fax number, 9 Patient volume
  • 10 NPI numbers, 11 Phone Number, 12 EHR and PMS, 13 Hospital affiliation,
  • 14 Specialty information

Infiscript has built the Physician Email List in the past working with leading industry marketers. We have knowledgeable staff on hand to help you with list building, direct mail, and multi-channel marketing best practises.

Global Physician Email List Contact Data

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1, Specialty information 2, Location 3, Employee Size 4, Revenue Size

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