The countless variations of existence

Static Images

Standalone visuals, such as photographs or graphics, that are frequently accompanied by text.


Dynamic pieces of content that communicate messages or narratives, ranging from brief clips to longer-form videos.


Visual representations of data or information that are frequently used to teach or inform others.


Animated images that loop constantly, adding movement and humor to messages.


Viral photos or videos with humorous or relatable captions that are frequently shared for amusement purposes.


Slideshows of images or videos within a single post that can be used to convey a story or highlight several products/features.


Temporary content that shows at the top of user's feeds, usually in the form of photographs or short videos.

Live streams

Real-time video broadcasts that allow for direct interaction with viewers.

How it works
Message Delivery After grabbing the viewer's interest, the creative skill fully conveys its message. Whether the material is imparting knowledge, telling a narrative, or marketing a product, It does this in a plain and concise manner.
Attention-grabbing In a sea of content on social media, creatives are made to stand out. To draw in viewers, content creators employ eye-catching headlines, colourful images, or captivating messaging.
Engagement The goal of social media creatives is to elicit a reaction from people, such as a like, a comment, a share, or a click to see additional information. Interactive features that promote involvement and engagement include surveys, quizzes, and calls to action.
Virality When individuals share exceptional creatives with their followers on social media, they have the potential to go viral and spread quickly. Viral content has a greater effect and reach, which raises brand awareness and engagement.
Conversion The ultimate goal of social media creatives is to encourage desired activities, such buying products, signing up for newsletters, or visiting websites. Creatives add to the overall success of marketing initiatives by guiding users through a well-designed journey from attention to engagement and ultimately to conversion.